The Beaudesert Trust

The objectives of the Trust are the provision in commemoration of the reign of King George V, and for the benefit of the public:
  1. to help Scouts, Guides and other young people, especially but not exclusively through leisure time activities, so as to develop their capabilities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society;
  2. to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of Beaudesert Parkland;
  3. to preserve the ruins of Beaudesert Hall, including a Walled Garden and other land, of historic and architectural importance.

Our aims:

  • Facilities: to provide an infrastructure that delivers good quality residential facilities in line with customer expectations;
  • Partnership: to work in partnership with customers and facilitate their programme provision;
  • Learning: to create an inspirational learning environment for our visitors;
  • Activities: to deliver high quality, recreational and adventurous activities that are valued by our visitors;
  • Conservation: to maintain and conserve the parkland of Beaudesert, and to preserve the ruins of Beaudesert Hall;
  • Good employer: to create a working environment that attracts and retains high calibre employees, and to develop the talents of our employees in line with the needs of the Organisation;
  • Caring: to inspire a caring and responsive approach to serving young people, our local community and society;
  • Safe and secure: to provide the highest standards of health and safety in all aspects of the Charity‚Äôs operations, including child protection.

Our objectives:

  1. to continue to invest in providing good quality recreational and residential facilities;
  2. to increase the numbers and breadth of young people and community groups using the site, and to continue supporting charitable users through discounted pricing;
  3. to develop further recreational and educational activities for young people;
  4. to continue conserving and management our parkland;
  5. to prepare for restoration of the ruin of Beaudesert Hall;
  6. to strengthen the management of the Trust;
  7. to serve our local community with an educational and voluntary service programme.

Our strategy to achieve these objectives:

  1. to build an improved storage for activities equipment and a staff rest facility;
  2. to continue our pricing strategy that both gives good value to our customers and provides resources to continue to develop the site;
  3. to strengthen the management of activities and provision of trained staff;
  4. to develop a Woodland Management policy, and implement a safe systematic management of all trees;
  5. to maintain joint working with The Cannock Chase AONB Unit and County and Local Authorities concerned with the conservation and restoration;
  6. to implement a succession planning strategy for key staff;
  7. to implement a Managed Access policy that enables a wider participation of young people.