Activity Centre Team…

Beaudesert Outdoor Activity Centre is managed by the Centre Manager who has the responsibility for the operation and strategic development of the centre.

The day-to-day operation of the centre is divided into four teams:

Guest Services

The Guest Services Team is responsible for direct communication with the customer. They manage all bookings from initial enquiry to any follow up after a booking has taken place.


The Activities Team is responsible for the development, safety and delivery of all activities on site. While this includes all of our adventurous activities, they also plan events and deliver other activities such as campfires.


The Parks Team is responsible for the maintenance of the grounds in a presentable, safe condition.


The Catering Team is  responsible for all catering services.   On an average day we cater for between 20 and 300 from the Cal Day cafeteria. For bigger events we can cater from a number of locations using marquees for over 1000 people.

We are regularly recruiting staff and volunteers to support our teams. If you are interested in joining our team, please visit our Recruitment Page.

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